ActiveCampaign Preferred Partner, Automate & Personalise Your Customer Journey

As a partner ActiveCampaign Agency, we offer top-notch customer experience automation services for companies of all sizes.

At Onviqa, we partner with businesses to plan & set up each of their automations. We automate your processes and create compelling customer journeys that are not only personalized to the individual but are triggered automatically, at the right time!

What does a marketing automation platform provide?

Track Your Prospects & Notify When Leads are Hot

Keep a tab over Potential Buyers’ online activities & Notify Sales teams at just the right time to pitch for sales

Automate Onboarding & Business Processes

Track how your prospects use your ads, emails & website and when the time is right to pitch for sales, notify the sales team automatically

Personalise Email Based on Customer Interest & Action

Send personalized emails to your customers based on their specific interests and actions

Automate Your Referrals and Reviews

Map and automate your processes & customer journey - From lead acquisition to sales & onboarding

Customer Journey Mapping & Builds

We are customer journey mapping and user experience specialists. With the mapping and automation of customer interactions, referrals and conversions reach an unprecedented high.

e-Commerce Deep Data Integrations

ActiveCampaign can be directly integrated with Magento, WooCommerce, and Shopify for taking the levels of repeat purchases and conversions to an unprecedented high.

Retarget on Social Media & attract New 'Like' Leads

Set up advertising for custom audiences to retarget, and reach new customers that are 'like' your best purchasers!

Integrate All Your Systems with ActiveCampaign

Integrate your payments, emails, calendars, advertising, reporting, platforms, Salesforce and further still!

Does ActiveCampaign fit my needs?

Do you wish to have more influence over the expansion of your company?

Working beyond merely shooting emails – ActiveCampaign has more to it.

With ActiveCampaign, it’s simple to pursue customers and leads in the ways that work the best for your organization.

Your clients are people, and people look to do business with other people, at the end of the day. Therefore, all marketing that you conduct should be personalized in all its dimensions such that it comes out to be the true voice of your company.

Do you want to take your sales rocket high without the wastage of any time or money? ActiveCampaign meets your business requirements remarkably well here!

As the ideal strategy that combines marketing and leads– the perfect mix of human interaction and seamless, proactive automation, ActiveCampaign works for you. The right sorts of leads are nurtured, which implies that your business will come across more success!

In return, you’d get to spend additional time in the pleasure of your family’s company – ActiveCampaign is working for you full time! ActiveCampaign does the additional work for you. So, financial expenditures are lower and task turnaround times are quicker.

The outcomes received from your marketing efforts will scale new horizons!

The aid of our team will yield insightful information regarding how you should be nurturing your leads such that they become loyal customers – many times over and over again.

ActiveCampaign is a clever marketing automation platform that is tailored to your company’s requirements. Fewer money is spent, and the time spent is also lesser, but remarkable sales are made.

Why ActiveCampaign?

A sequence of processes makes up your business. You’d have a process in place in which you connect with people. For attracting leads also, a separate process is followed. Then, there’s a process via which you onboard your clients. When new products are launched, that too follows a process.

ActiveCampaign will automate all marketing that takes place at your organization. With more free time than ever before, the focus returns to your core competencies and growing your business.

These clients believe in us


“We saw a 30% increase in our lead conversion rate thanks to the Onviqa team. Our website now generates a consistent stream of fresh leads each day that helps us draw in more clients. You guys are incredible! I greatly appreciate it.”

– Louise Kilgore


“We’ve had a lot of new connections and donations since we launched our new website, which has built-in marketing automation. We saved a tonne of time by automating the volunteer application process. I appreciate the support. Seriously… You’re OUTSTANDING.”

– Shirley Stephens


“We hired Onviqa to assist us in developing a marketing plan that produced a 100% return on investment from a single product launch. Since then, they have assisted us in moving from earlier CRMs to ActiveCampaign, including ActiveCampaign and WooCommerce connections. Our expanding demands are perfectly met by the new technological setup. We are now collaborating with these folks on even larger and greater things since they made everything for us so simple.”

– Brent Kirk


“In accordance with the activities and requirements of each client, Onviqa set up automatic email funnels. Therefore, without our involvement, they are automatically given a personalised email at the appropriate moment. When someone completes our partnership questionnaire, we send them our partnership email sequence, or when someone is about to apply for citizenship, we send them our citizenship email sequence. It used to be entirely done manually, ad hoc, and frequently overlooked. We save so much time, and the outcomes are fantastic.”

– Claudia Brown

How our ActiveCampaign Certified Consultants help

Our ActiveCampaign Experts help our clients create incredibly lucrative businesses by fusing smart automation strategies with marketing expertise.

We develop solutions that automatically induce your leads into a transaction by utilizing ActiveCampaign’s capabilities.

Enhance Your Leads

Build a consistent stream of quality prospects that your marketing campaigns can score and nurture.

Boost Your Conversation

Increase your front-end marketing ROI by using potent deal pipelines that convert leads into ecstatic customers.

Bump Your Sales

Create back-end upsell funnels to increase the lifetime value of your customers and the profitability of your company.

Stop wasting your valuable time, money, and sanity by attempting to manage each process in your company using a variety of incompatible solutions.

Discuss how optimizing your marketing and sales operations may save corporate waste and increase profit with our team of ActiveCampaign Certified Consultants.

Want to know more?

Marketing automation with ActiveCampaign can take your business to the pinnacle of success.

It won’t take us over 30 minutes to conduct an audit over the current processes in use at your organization. We’d also share with you at least four ways by which you’d come across instant profits by conducting basic automations.

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